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Be one of 3 lucky ones to get a $30 CapitaLand voucher each! Send us your best shots of your beautiful rangoli at home and you might just win.

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Read why you should never overload your power outlet and other electrical safety tips here.

Hands On!

Why You Should Never Overload Your Power Outlet

Electrical appliances are a blessing. Think of the humble rice cooker, a simple invention but it saves you time and effort having to labour over a pot on the stove. Or the refrigerator humming silently in a corner of your kitchen, keeping your food fresh and vegetables crisp.

So we tend to take them for granted. But what we should not take for granted is that they can also pose potential hazards at home. These good practices will help you keep your loved ones and your home safe.

Electrical Safety Tips

  1. Avoid overloading electrical power outlets
    The more electrical appliances attached to one power outlet, the higher the likelihood of overheating. This, in turn, puts the socket-outlet at risk of catching fire.


  1. Switch off unused electrical appliances
    An electrical source can only be ignited when it is switched on. If you are going to be away from home for an extended period, be sure to turn off all electrical appliances and switches.


  1. Replace damaged or frayed cords
    Removing an electrical plug by its wire from the socket may cause damage. If you notice any broken or cracked wire insulation on your appliances, get them replaced or repaired immediately. You also need to get a licenced contractor to perform electricity-related works, such as installation, maintenance and replacement works.


  1. Keep liquids away from electrical appliances
    Avoid operating electrical appliances or switches with wet hands. Water conducts electricity and puts the user at risk of electric shocks.
  2. Avoid extended charging of batteries and devices
    Overnight charging of lithium-ion battery operated devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is generally not recommended. Also avoid leaving electronic devices, such as power banks, plugged in when they are already fully charged.


  1. Switch off decorative lights when not in use
    Leaving decorative lights on for an extended period may seem tempting, given how they make the setting more appealing. However, it is advisable to turn off these lights when unattended. It is also important not to handle decorative lights with wet hands.


For more information about electrical safety at home, check out the HDB InfoWEB.

It is also prudent to have fire insurance. Household accidents are difficult to pre-empt and the insurance will help home owners to be covered in an unforeseen crisis. That is why HDB requires new home owners with an HDB loan to take up the Fire Insurance Scheme for their home.

Let us know if you have questions about home safety via or follow our Facebook page for more tips.

By Bertrand Teo
October 20, 2016

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Love the spacious look of an open kitchen? Find out if it’s the right choice for your home!

Make It Over

Open Kitchen, Yay or Nay?


The spacious look of an open kitchen is easy to fall in love with. It gives you more visual space and offers the sights and smells of a delicious home-cooked meal.

Open kitchens have gained popularity with new home owners, and HDB has some new BTO flats designed with an open kitchen layout for those who love the idea.

If you are one of those who want to hop onto the open kitchen bandwagon, we have put together some considerations on why you would or would not want an open kitchen.

But before you hack down that wall, make sure you get HDB’s approval first.

Why you would want an open kitchen:

  • Your home instantly feels more spacious with more light and air streaming in.
  • It is easier to host your guests. No more awkward lulls at the parties – whatever you need to grab is just a few steps away.
  • You are a multi-tasker. With an open kitchen, you can watch TV, read the papers and prepare meals all at the same spot.
  • With potentially less furniture, you can do something different with the space. Your very own barista counter where you could whip up fragrant coffee brews, perhaps?


Everything is out in the open – there are pros and cons

A separate kitchen might be better if you:

  • Have a habit of keeping windows and the service yard door closed. Without good ventilation, the smells of cooking up a storm would always linger.
  • Find it hard to keep table tops clean and tidy. The trouble with having everything out in the open is that clutter cannot be hidden from plain sight.
  • Prefer not to have an integrated theme with the rest of your home. For a harmonious look and feel, you might need to find a theme that works for both your kitchen and living room spaces.
  • Feel that you would need to make compromises when the novelty of an open kitchen wears off. It is always wise to plan ahead, and think about your family’s overall needs in the long run, as customised furniture and built-in appliances can be costly.


A kitchen can seamlessly blend into other parts of home

Eyeing a new BTO flat soon? Some flat layouts may have an open kitchen concept already built-in. But do not worry if it’s not for you – you can always opt for a kitchen partition wall if you like to keep things separate.

Head over to Priya’s post for more tips on designing open kitchens such as the types of counters to choose from, and how you can have the best of open- and closed-kitchen layouts.

Got any other ideas for an open kitchen concept? Let us know via our Facebook page or at

By Nicholas Yau
October 18, 2016

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