Given our penchant for food, Singaporeans are always asking this question, “Hungry, go where?”

These days, with so many food blogs, social sharing websites, and apps, the answer to that familiar question is literally at our fingertips.

So you’re hungry now and with Easter around the corner, it’s certain that you will be inundated with egg-y proposals when you search for an answer to your ‘hungry, go where’ question. But before you scramble over to an expensive bistro for your Easter brunch , can we fry up some mellow yellow, egg-y servings for you?

And read on to the SURPRISE at the end!

What’s the best Singaporean dish WITH an egg? We all have our favourites, but here’s my shortlist:

1. Half-boiled eggs with Kaya Toast and Kopi

It’s about 8:15am. I sit at the hawker centre, hungry and dazed. I’ve placed my order and the kopi ‘uncle’ comes by. It’s the first of two trips. The first sip of the coffee is aromatic and its whiff wakes me up instantly.

About four minutes later, the ‘uncle’ returns with the main course.

Two eggs, four half-slices of kaya and butter toast.

I asked the ‘uncle’ how long it takes to make the perfect, runny egg. “Six minutes. But be careful not to steep it too long. You also need to stir the boiling pot after three and a half minutes. This is so that the egg white cooks properly.” Ah, so that’s the secret to a good morning 😉

With my morning bliss complete, I’m pretty sure the day ahead is going to be quite sunny!

2. Nasi Goreng with Egg

My weakness for Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) gets me every time I see a stall offering the dish. I always go for the white version because I want to see the ingredients that make up this colourful concoction of flavours. A friend once joked that the ingredients depend on whatever is available that day, and whatever the cook feels like frying.

For me though, it HAS to be crowned with a fried egg or I feel that the dish is incomplete.

And I never fail to tell the cook: “Fry my egg nicely, ok?” The usual stall that I go to knows that I like mine done sunny-side-up, with the yolk glistening.

3. Prata ‘Plaster

When the hunger pangs strike in the night, aren’t you thankful that prata stalls remain open till late? In almost every HDB estate, there’re invariably one or two Indian-Muslim food stalls that satisfies the supper crowd.

I stood at the edge of the large, flat pan, interested to know how my prata was prepared. The man kneaded the dough and dabbed a bit of ghee, or clarified butter. “For the good smell”, he said. I understood that to mean the buttery fragrance and taste which was oh-so-familiar. Then with a few deft tosses, the fist-sized lump of dough was ready for the pan.

But I was waiting for something more. “I want prata ‘plaster’, ok?” Without glancing, he reached his arm out sideways. With a light tap on the edge of the pan, he spread out the egg as uniformly as he could. And all within five seconds.

When asked why this version of prata had the curious name, he said, “It’s like a plaster, you know? You stick it on.”  And then he did his best to mimic the use of a medical band-aid.

My prata ‘plaster’ soon arrived; I tucked into it greedily, and my late-night hunger pangs were quickly cured.

What’s Your Favourite?

Before you head off to the nearest neighbourhood hawker centre or coffee shop, why not tell us what’s your favourite local dish (with an egg)?

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But Wait! There’s More!

What’s an Easter without an Easter egg? We have a contest lined-up for you! Stand a chance to win $30 worth of shopping vouchers! Just tell us how many eggs make up the huge egg. (No trick question here!)

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By Daniel Lim
Mar 19, 2013

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