‘Going green’ is more than just a catchphrase for HDB. Starting from the January 2014 Sales Exercise, all new public housing developments will come with a standard suite of eco-features – making it easier for you and your neighbours to adopt a ‘green’ lifestyle. 🙂

From waste to water and energy management and the living environment, the eco-features support greater environmental care while providing cost savings and other benefits for residents.

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Living Environment

HDB estates and towns are designed to suit our local climatic conditions. Buildings are orientated to optimise wind flow, and mitigate heat gain, so residents need to rely less on fans and air-conditioners. In fact, through the use of environment modelling tools, HDB is able to harness and optimise elements of nature such as wind, solar, and daylight to create a comfortable living environment.

And with more Singaporeans taking to cycling, a more environmentally transport means, more covered bicycle parking lots and bicycle wheel ramps will be installed at places near to cycling routes.

Waste and Water Management

Centralised Chute for Recyclables – these will make it so convenient to dispose of the recyclables you’ve separated out at home. Instead of waiting for the door-to-door collection of recyclables, you can pop them down the chute at any time.

Compost Bins – these will be placed in community gardens to collect leaf litter, grass clippings, and other organic matter, and the resulting rich compost will be used to fertilise landscape shrubs and plants.

Eco Pedestals – these will be installed in the toilets to recycle water. But before you go ‘Oh, yuck’, it’s not what you think. This is actually an integrated wash basin-toilet pedestal system, so the water that has been used for hand-washing will be redirected to the pedestal cistern for the next flush. 🙂

Recycled and Sustainable Products – these will be used during the construction process where appropriate, such as recycled water for washing during construction, and concrete in pavements and curbs.

Energy-Efficient Features

LED lighting with motion sensor controls will be used for the common areas in your estate, so energy is not wasted on lighting up areas where it is not needed.

The use of re-generative lifts is another energy-saving installation. Such lifts allow the braking and lift movements to be converted into energy for other uses, such as to light common areas, or other lifts. And the backup power in lifts will now use a fuel cell system – a cleaner and greener energy source, in place of conventional battery-operated power sources which generate higher carbon footprints.

The savings from these innovative eco-features can help Town Councils offset increases in operating and maintenance costs… so residents will get to benefit too. 🙂

Flats in Singapore’s First Eco-Town, Punggol, will have more eco-features, too. Through the rainwater harvesting system, rainwater can be stored for washing common areas. And the Active, Beautiful and Clean (ABC) water features can clean rainwater and beautify the landscape. The ABC comes with an added bonus, for its cleansing water method also provides an aesthetic feature where residents can enjoy the greenery.


Many of these were first successfully trialled tested out at the Treelodge@Punggol, HDB’s first eco-precinct. And there have been positive results and responses.. Their wider implementation will help build a greener, cleaner and healthier environment for all of us.

As with any change, we may have to make adjustments to our habits and lifestyles to realise the benefits of these eco-features. But for sure, any small step we take can go a long way to keeping Mother Earth in good shape for generations to come. 🙂


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