Even for those of us who have never experienced life in a kampung, we wax nostalgic when we talk about its gotong-royong, community-centred spirit. Come 2017, a new ‘kampung’ will be built in Woodlands to offer us a modern take on and taste of kampung life.

Located right next to the Admiralty MRT station, ‘Kampung Admiralty’ will be a one-stop hub with dining and retail outlets and social and healthcare facilities, all designed for residents and the community in mind. The groundbreaking ceremony for this new integrated development was just held today… and we’re here to give you a peek into what’s in store!

Exciting Features

Just like the kampungs of old, Kampung Admiralty will be a busy hub and heart of the area – with dining and retail outlets, eldercare, childcare and healthcare facilities, and even a community park all under one roof.

There will be wide community spaces and generous green features reminiscent of rural life. In fact, the site was once a farming and forested area. To capture part of its old flavour, fruit trees such as the Limau Purut (Kaffir Lime Tree) and other plant varieties commonly grown in a kampung will be planted.

Kampung Admiralty
Cross section of Kampung Admiralty and its treasure trove of offerings

Housing for the Elderly

Kampung Admiralty will benefit not just the residents of Woodlands, but also those living within the development itself. There will be two blocks of Studio Apartments (SAs) that are planned for sale in HDB’s July 2014 BTO Sales Exercise. Each SA unit will come with new features: a retractable indoor and outdoor clothes drying system, an induction stove, and also resilient flooring, so the elderly can have a safe and comfortable living environment to live out their golden years.

Studio Apartments
Studio Apartments within the integrated development is a boon for the elderly residents

Re-creating the Kampung Spirit

A Community Plaza will be set up on the ground level of Kampung Admiralty to create opportunities for residents and local community groups to turn this space into a thriving, throbbing hive of activity. Nearer the completion date, they will have the opportunity to decide on the plaza’s theme and their preferred activities, just like the good old’ kampung days!

Community Plaza
Community Plaza will recreate the kampung hive of activity of old

Community Park
Community Park

A planned Community Park, which will have a three-generational playground to nurture inter-generational bonding between the young and old, is another place for rekindling the  kampung spirit of old, but in a fresher way. And just like yesteryears, neighbours can get together to form a gardening group and plant a variety of plants – including edible and medicinal ones in the Community Farm and Herb Garden, under NParks’ Community In Bloom Programme.

Living Green
And how can a kampung not be green, right? Kampung Admiralty will boast several eco-features such as:

• An underground bicycle storage system that offers residents convenient and secure parking solutions for their bicycles;
• A Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System – an automated waste collection system which uses a vacuum type underground pipe network to collect household waste for disposal;
• Bioswales, landscape elements which treat surface runoff water, prevent overflowing during storms, while greening and beautifying the landscape at the same time;
• Solar panels to harness energy for powering common services in the two SA blocks!

You could also get a closer look at each level of Kampung Admiralty here!


Head on down to the ‘Living the Kampung Spirit’ Exhibition!

Want to get more information on this new integrated development? Then head down to the ‘Living the Kampung Spirit’ exhibition held at the open field next to Admiralty MRT Station. The exhibition runs till 2 May 2014, so remember to check it out before then!


Want to see snippets from the exhibition, and more of what’s to come in the new development? Check out the video below!

Note: All plans are in draft form. Illustrations are artists’ impressions only. Actual developments may differ.

By Nur Hafizah
April 26, 2014
Updated May 22, 2014


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