So, you’ve finally gotten the keys to your new home! That feeling is simply unbeatable isn’t it?

Flat Keys

The flat that you’ve planned all the décor themes and ideas for, is now a physical reality. Like all new home owners, you can’t wait to check it out – but first, read this article.

Quality Checks
Every new flat goes through a series of quality checks before the completed flats are handed over to their new owners. Minor defects may be expected but these can be rectified and are covered under the 1-year Defects Liability Period (DLP).

Defects Liability Period
During the 1-year DLP, a time-frame which is similar to private developments, you may report any defects to your development’s Building Services Centre (BSC) located in the vicinity of your new flat.

In general, defects are rectified within two weeks of being reported. Where the building contractor may need more time, flat owners will be informed of the expected completion date.

It will also help if defects are properly identified so that the building contractor can focus their full attention on the defects proper.

Know What to Report as Defects
Knowing what to report as defects can help speed up the process of checking your new flat. An example of a defect would be cracked walls or floor tiles. An imperfection is not a defect if it is due to the inherent nature of the materials or the nature of construction works that depend on manual labour. Here are some examples:

Timber finishes

Timber Flooring

For floors with timber finishes, it is only natural for the colours of the timber strips to vary. As timber is an organic product, there will not be perfect homogeneity in the colour of your floor. This is not a defect, or even an imperfection. The tonal variations give timber flooring its unique beauty and character. 🙂

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic Tiles

For ceramic floor tiles, the gaps between the tiles may have slight variations. When ceramic tiles are produced, they are fired at high temperatures and they shrink upon cooling. The extent of shrinkage may vary slightly from tile to tile. To accommodate the slight variations in dimensions, tiles are thus laid with slight gaps in between and cement grout is used to fill these gaps. So if you see these slight variations in the gaps between tiles, these are not defects.

In case of further doubt, there are prevailing industrial norms and standards that apply to both public and private developments, to refer to.

Do You Know …

• HDB’s commitment to quality means that when you open the doors to your new flat, you can be assured that quality checks have been done beforehand so as to give you a nice new home. 🙂

• HDB provides all new flat owners with HDB’s Assure 3 extended warranty coverage for ceiling and external wall seepage, as well as spalling concrete. This warranty is not offered by anyone else and reflects HDB’s strong commitment to quality.

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