Co-rent and save under PPHS!

We bring you more good news on the Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme (PPHS) meant for first-timer families with young children awaiting the completion of their new flat. Recent changes have made it more appealing as it now offers a co-sharing option!

Available from 1 November 2014

New and existing PPHS families can seek out another eligible household to co-share a flat. This could even be your relatives and friends, or suitable households selected from HDB’s listing of families keen on sharing a PPHS flat. You may also ask to be put on this list for other families to look you up.

When a decision to pair up is made, the parties involved have to work out and agree on the sharing and living arrangements themselves.


Applying for a PPHS flat?

You can now co-share a PPHS flat with another eligible household

“The new co-renting option definitely benefits young couples like us who don’t need an entire flat’s space. It makes economic sense in general, and would make a difference for young couples who are just starting out on their marital journey,” said Ms Ng Tse In, who is in her mid-twenties and recently got married. She is currently living with her parents-in-law.

More PPHS Flats Too

There will also be about 800 new PPHS flats ready for application from early 2015, after retrofitting works are completed. The flats will comprise mainly 3-room flats, and located in towns such as Bukit Merah, Queenstown and Jurong West. Do make a note to check the HDB InfoWEB around then!

A peek into the interior of a PPHS flat – nice 🙂

A Recap on PPHS


The PPHS is an interim housing solution for first-timer married couples with children below 16 years, awaiting the completion of their new HDB flats. When the PPHS was first started, only married couples comprising two first-timers were eligible, such as Jasinta and Saron. Since then, refinements have been made to extend the benefits to more people.

For a quick recap on the PPHS eligibility, drop by here.

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