Every year, the Pantone Colour Institute will select its colour of of the year. This year, Marsala is it!

But what exactly is the colour of Marsala? According to Pantone, it is a rich, earthy red-brown named after the fortified red wine from Sicily, “a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.”

To those still mystified, this is the colour of Marsala.

‘Marsala’ may be the Pantone colour of 2015, but is it also the ideal choice for your home? Many are guilty of following trends that do not work for their home’s interior, or will not stand the test of time, in the effort to be on trend. Remember the outlandish wallpaper graphics of the 1970s?

Wallpaper was the ‘in’ thing in the 1970s

There’s no harm in experimenting with different trends for wall/ceiling colours, but if your entire room’s furnishings is planned to match your wall colours, you might paint yourself into a spot if you change your mind after a couple of years.

Plus, paint and wallpaper can be costly and are also messy makeover tasks, particularly if you actually need to repaint the entire home. So here are some useful tips to colour it right from the start.

• If you are colour-phobic and tend to stick to whites and greys, use colour as an accent. You’ll be surprised how flashes of colour can really liven up your home. These can be throw pillows, vases, rugs…think of these as accessories you put on your outfit to add an extra ‘oomph’.

• Also, let the pops of colour flow through from room to room as a unifying element. If you have a blue rug, let the same shade pop up on an accent wall and as a vase on your coffee table…the combinations are endless and exciting.

• Colours also evoke different emotions and using the right ones in the right doses can do wonders to uplift moods. Numerous fast food chains use red and yellow in their interior design and advertising material as these warm and inviting colours are supposed to whet appetites. For homes, a different set of colour applications holds true. Here’s a quick look at colours and how they can transform our homes:

Colors And Associations Great For
Red: Stimulating, increases energy and uplifts mood

Feature wall, dining room
Yellow: Cheery, warm and friendly. Reminds you of sunshine!

Study room, living room, play room, kitchen
Orange: Exciting, fun and active

Study room, living room, play room, kitchen
Blue: Relaxing, peaceful and serene

Bedroom, chill-out space/room
Green: Restful, calming, exudes a degree of warmth as well

Kitchen, living/dining room
Purple: Dramatic, sophistication and luxury (well, it is also the colour of royalty :))

Living/dining room, bedroom, feature wall
White and neutrals: Adds visual break or a soothing feel

Any space as these are flexible colours


• If dark shades are your go-to choices, these can be used sparingly as accent colours or complementary colours to emphasise room features.

Darker shades like these could be used to create visual interest or highlight focal points in a room

Happy (colour) experimenting for your home! If you have other tips for interior design or want to share how your home has been done up, drop us an email at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg!

By Priya Shandhini
Mar 17, 2015


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