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A Fresh Start for Families

If you missed the housing-related announcements made at the Committee of Supply debate on 11 April 2016, the Fresh Start Housing (FSH) Scheme was one of them.


From later this year, second-timer families with young children living in public rental housing can start afresh in their home ownership journey by owning a 2-room (2R) Flexi flat.

Who Can Apply for Fresh Start?


To qualify for the FSH Scheme, the family must meet these criteria:

• Be a family with parent(s) aged at least 35 and below 55. Parent(s) can be married, divorced or widowed
• Household has at least one Singapore citizen parent and one citizen child below age 16
• At least one parent in stable employment for the past 12 months; and child/ children attending school regularly
• Have occupied a public rental flat for at least the last 2 years, without accumulating rental arrears of 3 or more months in the past 12 months
• Have a Letter of Social Assessment (LSA) from the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)

These criteria help ensure that families are committed and ready for a second chance at homeownership. In addition, families who eventually own a flat as a result of this scheme will need to meet a Minimum Occupation Period of 20 years. There will also be annual check-ins with MSF to renew their LSA until 5 years after key collection.

How Fresh Start Can Help


The FSH Scheme will help strengthen family resilience by integrating financial assistance, personal responsibility, and social support as it provides eligible families with:

• A more affordable option to purchase a 2R Flexi flat with a shorter lease ranging from 45 to 65 years
• A Fresh Start Housing Grant of up to $35,000 (adjusted downwards for flats with shorter lease)
• An HDB concessionary loan for flat purchase, regardless of the number of HDB loans they received before
• Resale levy capped at $30,000 for a 99-year lease (adjusted downwards based on chosen lease)
• Use of CPF to pay for their flat, instead of paying rental in cash
• Priority allocation, within a quota of up to 10%, for families in HDB sales exercises under the Tenants Priority Scheme


Click on the image to view the infographic

For more information head over to the HDB InfoWEB 🙂


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