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An Eco-believer Raves about Tengah Town

With all the talk about climate change, I personally believe that eco-living is the future of residential living. In HDB’s up-and-coming Tengah Town, dubbed the Forest town, eco-living promises to become a reality. So here are some cool features of Tengah Town that got me really excited.

Forest Corridor


Tengah’s ‘forest corridor’ refers to the forested land in between the central and western catchment areas. Steps will be taken to preserve the existing biodiversity, and some lucky residents might chance upon rare species of flora and fauna right outside their doorstep! Apparently, residents living near the forest get to enjoy lower ambient temperatures too – which is great news, considering the sweltering heat we deal with every day in Singapore.

Central Park


Storm-water ponds, lush greenery and recreational promenades? I am completely sold! If you enjoy the occasional jog outdoors like me, you will probably be thrilled to hear that Tengah Town will have a huge central park to call its own.

Car-lite Environment


The first of its kind, Tengah will feature a car-free town centre. If you have a penchant for cycling, you are in luck because all roads will have designated cycling and walking paths. Not only is it safer for pedestrians and cyclists but it also encourages a healthier lifestyle. Burning calories rather than fuel sounds like a great trade-off, if you ask me! 🙂

Urban Farming


The design of Tengah Town revolves around the amalgamation of nature with the community. A prime example would be the linear community farmways, which are shared spaces where residents can try their hand at community gardening. These are great places to get to know the members of your community by doing something together!

42,000 dwelling units, 5 districts, 1 town. Tengah is a massive residential project that epitomises living in the bosom of Mother Nature. Let us know which aspect of Tengah Town impressed you the most via our Facebook page. 🙂

By Atikah Razak
September 15, 2016

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