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Goodbye to Messy Kids’ Rooms!

Kids and tidy rooms do not ever get mentioned in the same breath. Or can they?

If you are a parent with young children, you must be breaking your back trying to put away all the toys at the end of the day. Having clever storage ideas is the God-send answer to messy rooms. Not only will they keep your child’s room tidy, they will also make it look like they are part of the room decor. Clever! 🙂


Cubby Holes for Books

Book shelf space is never enough. This is where cubby holes come in handy. Either as built-ins under window space or as decorative shelves on the walls, they are great for storing (and showing off) the tons of books you have bought your little Einstein to read. With the cubby holes, the space can also be used to stow away toys. If you hang them within child’s reach, they can also encourage your child to tidy up after playing.


Pro Tip: Paint the cubby holes in bright colours or paste over with themed wallpaper. Your child will find the cheerfulness simply irresistible!

Door mufflers are handy in preventing children from getting locked in, and protecting their little fingers from getting crushed. To create your own, you will need the following items:

Bins for Teddy

Birthdays and Christmas bring with them great joy, and also lots more presents and toys for your child. Tame the growing giant pile of toys by ‘binning’ them. The larger soft toys like your child’s favourite Teddy Bear can go into the big bins, and the littler ones sorted out and stored into smaller bins.

Bins and boxes are a simple and fuss-free way to store towns. Make sure you get transparent ones or label them for quick access.


Pro Tip: You can hide these bins and boxes in low cupboards sans doors, and just install mini curtains. Easy to pull them out and the ‘clutter’ is hidden from sight as well.

Imaginative Organisers for Small Toys

Packing away small pieces of building blocks or figurines into bags can turn into an organisational nightmare! Why not use a transparent jewellery hanging organiser to hold all the small toys so they can be stored and taken out easily.

If your child loves toy cars, you can install a few magnetic strips on the wall to create a really cool toy car display and keep them all in one place too.


Pro Tip: You can also attach empty cans (tops safely smoothened out) to magnetic strips to store your child’s loose Lego bricks.

Wardrobe Sorter

While clothes do not fall under the category of toys, they too can add to the clutter in your child’s room. Conquer the mess by hanging organisers in the closet to sort out the garments – it will help you start the day a lot easier without having to rummage through your child’s wardrobe.

A wardrobe stand can also come in handy to plan your child’s outfit for the week and save you the mad rush in the morning.


Pro Tip: You can stuff socks into shoe hangers as well as scarves and caps – this way, they will never get lost among the bigger clothing items.

These clever storage ideas will make it fun for children to be involved in keeping their rooms tidy. It is never too late to encourage the little ones to keep their toys and clothes away 🙂 .

Besides cabinets, you can try using them on your refrigerators too… basically anything that you want to keep your child from opening!

If you have more creative storage ideas, why not share with us! Send us a mail via or tell us via our our Facebook page.

By Priya Shandhini
November 23, 2016

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