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4 Ways to Nail Minimalism in Your Bedroom

When we were young, it used to be an uphill task for our parents to get us to clean up our rooms and discard stuff. These young ones who have become adults today are leaning towards the other extreme and adopting the ‘less is more’ trend. As people embrace simplicity not just in terms of design preferences but also in their lifestyles, minimalist homes have become increasingly popular.

The bedroom, a sanctuary of rest and peace, is a good place to start embracing minimalism for those new to the concept. Here are 4 tips to help you nail the look perfectly!

1. Neutral Colour Palette

Sticking to a neutral colour palette is a basic primer for the minimalist look. Though pure white is often associated with minimalism, you can incorporate some colour by layering on shades of grey and tan in your room decor while keeping to the theme.

Decorating with natural elements like wood in light hues and plants can give a touch of warmth to your bedroom. The slight pop of colour offers a refreshing break from the bare aesthetic of minimalism.

2. Go for Statement Furniture

Minimalism does not mean boring furniture! Pallet beds are a great change from regular bed frames. Or get creative by using wooden crates as bedside tables or a ladder as a clothes rack.

Unique accent lighting is similarly characteristic of minimalist bedrooms – think brass pendant lights or origami standing lamps. The idea is to be creative, and go for things that make outstanding statements.

3. Accessorise Strategically

Add some character to your minimalist bedroom by playing with texture. Instead of basic white walls, opt for a textural feature wall with panelling or exposed brick.

Consider mixing fabrics of different textures and knit patterns when choosing bed linens or window treatments for your room. Their tactile quality can really make a difference to the mood and feel of your bedroom.

4. Remove Clutter

Finally, keep the minimalist theme going strong by resisting the temptation to hoard too many belongings. Clean out your room periodically by discarding or donating things you no longer need, such as old electronics or clothes. You can also avoid being wasteful by re-purposing items including furniture!

The absence of clutter contributes to the overall feeling of calm and relaxation that makes the bedroom your personal sanctuary.

Is your home decorated in a simple and clean style? Share your tips and photos with us at or via our Facebook page. 🙂

By K
March 7, 2017

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