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5 Ways to Hide the Household Shelter

For some, the steel door of the ubiquitous household shelter (HS) in their new HDB flat is an eye-sore. There are actually many creative workarounds to hide that chunk of steel – we share 5 great ideas 🙂 .

  1. Turn it into a feature wall
    Laminates provide a seamless look for the ‘walls’. Add an attractive image, or lighted up graphics for the finishing touch.

(Photo credit: JSR Design)

  1. Decorate with decals
    Decals are a quick and easy way to pretty up the steel door. They come in an amazing variety of designs allowing you to switch designs when you tire of the old ones. Have fun!

(Photo credit: Cromly)

  1. Apply wallpaper
    Wallpapering is another easy, creative option to hide the steel door, so that it appears as a seamless part of the wall.

(Photo credit: ezbuy)

  1. Display your magnets
    Have a whole collection of magnets lugged home from your travels? That steel door is the best place to show them off!

(Photo credit: The Itsy Bits in Life)

  1. Cover with textile ‘art’
    Draping a beautiful swathe of fabric over the steel door gets our vote! It is easy to install, change as you like and lends a soft touch and feel to the room.

As much as how some home owners would like to do away with the HS, they are specifically designed and constructed to provide a safe haven in times of emergencies.

So, DO NOT hack away or make extensive drillings to the shelters. If you have other ways to disguise that shelter, share with us via or Facebook page.

By Britina Tan
June 13, 2017

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