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A Guide to Bike-sharing Apps in Singapore

Move over, hover boards and electric scooters! Hot on the w-heels of exciting car-lite initiatives, bike-sharing apps have become the trendy way to commute. We have prepared a handy guide to get you moving:

Tip #1 – Know Your Options

We compared 3 bike-sharing services. Generally, Bike-sharing Apps are more affordable than bike rentals, which can go up to about $6 to $10 per hour, and require you to return the bike after use.

Information correct as of time of publication. Please check the Apps’ websites for latest rates and information.

All 3 bike-sharing services require a credit/ debit card to be added to your profile to facilitate the easy payment of service fees. Occasionally, the services would also offer promotional coupons for free rides and discounts, so it is a good idea to follow these services’ social media pages for updates.

Tip #2 – Grab your essentials

You would need your smartphone to unlock the bicycles using its App, so make sure that your phone has sufficient battery life, or bring along a portable charger. Other good essentials to bring include a water bottle for hydration; sunglasses, to look good; and an umbrella, in case of rain. Some bicycles have a small basket, so it would be good to stash your belongings inside a small bag to carry as you ride, or to place within the basket.

Tip #3 – Reserve your Bike

While the Apps offer a view of where you could find your bike, sometimes another user might get to it first. Thus, you may wish to reserve a bike earlier as you walk towards it, so that you do not need to hunt for another around your neighbourhood!

Some Bike-sharing Apps support reservations, letting you ‘chope’ your bike.

Tip #4 – Ride Safely

For your own safety and safety of others, ride only on designated cycling paths, and pay attention to your surroundings. Not sure where to ride? You can always pedal along Park Connectors around your neighbourhood. You could also visit towns like Punggol and enjoy scenic rides along the cycling path at the Waterway.

Panoramic spots within the heartlands to check out on 2 wheels

Tip #5 – Be Considerate

The whole point of bike-sharing is so that other people could have access to the bicycles. After completing your journey, bring the bike to its temporary home – the bicycle rack. Park the bike at public racks near MRT stations, bus interchanges, or the ones below your flat, at the void deck. Never leave them at a location that creates an obstruction, or worse – bring it inside your flat!

Bikes need to go back to their (right) home, too!

The MyNiceHome team will be exploring the heartlands on wheels! Know any cool places to cycle around at HDB towns? Let us know on our Facebook page!

By Nicholas Yau
June 14, 2017

Disclaimer: For informational purposes only. MyNiceHome provides no endorsement for any services featured and will not be liable for any errors, omissions or delays in this information, or any losses, injuries or damages arising from use of this information.

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