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Of Horoscopes and Interior Decor

They say that every home tells its owner’s story. You are letting on more than you think, through your interior decor choices! Read on to see if we predicted your taste accurately based on your star sign. 🙂


People with this star sign are independent, energetic and bold. So it is really no surprise that red is a popular choice. You will see pops of colour, statement pieces, and eye-catching patterns all around their home!


Taureans are known to be practical people, who have an eye for beauty. So they lean more towards classic and sleek designs. Black is their go-to colour, and minimalism is their mantra. Something like this…


Geminis are your typical social butterflies – expressive, and lots of fun to be around! This comes across clearly in their choice of colour, yellow. Not only does it represent their infectious energy, it also creates that vibrant and happy atmosphere in their home.


Cancer belongs to the element of water, and people who have this star sign are caring and sensitive souls. They like to keep things dreamy and relaxed. So cool shades like blue and white appeal to their sense of style, and the nautical theme makes for a natural choice.


Leos are no strangers to limelight – they love attention! So regal colours like gold, and cream match their personality type more than anything.


Virgo is associated with the element of Earth. So earthy tones like brown and green are their preferred colours. A nature-themed home, overflowing with plants and wood accents, is what they strive for.

Curious about the other star signs? 🙂 Part 2 will be out soon, so do keep a look out! Meanwhile, if you have other cool decor ideas, do share it with us via

By Atikah Razak
July 04, 2017

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