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DIY Crepe Paper Peonies

Paper flowers have come a long way, especially now with high quality crepe paper. These crepe flowers not only look real, they are durable and easy to make. Why not spend a lazy afternoon and produce these beautiful flowers for your table centre piece? That was what I did over the weekend. 😊

(Template for petals provided here)

  1. Crepe Paper
    The best kind of crepe for this project is Italian Crepe. However, this crepe paper is hard to find in Singapore, therefore I am just using normal crepe that I found in local craft shops.
    I bought only white as I prefer to colour the petals using chalk pastels. Feel free to get any colour you want your flowers to be.
  2. Flower wire stems
    I am using a 2mm diameter stem as the flower is big (Diameter: ~13 cm). You can find it in local craft shops.
  3. Chalk pastels
    I will be using this to colour the stamen and petals.
  4. Green floral tape
    You can find it in local craft shops.
  5. Hot glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Old brush
  8. Ruler

Step 1

Cut out the required number of petals in the template file. You will need 7 small petals and 10 big petals. Remember to cut in a way that the grain lines run vertically. You can either cut 1 petal at a time or stack a few pieces of the crepe and cut.

Optional Step:

If you want to add some light colour to the petals, you can use the chalk pastels to colour. As I wanted a gradient from light pink to white, I chose a suitable chalk pastel and lightly dusted the top part of the petals and used a brush to smooth out the colour. You can use your old make-up blusher too. It works perfectly as well 😊

Step 2

Shape the petals by gently pulling it from the centre to stretch the crepe paper outwards. Be careful not to use too much force as the crepe paper is quite fragile. The petals will now be in a natural concave shape.

Step 3

Cut a strip measuring 5cm by 12 cm from the white crepe paper. Make sure the grain lines run vertically along the shorter side. Use a yellow chalk pastel to colour the piece and use a brush to smooth out the colour.

Step 4

Cut the strip into 2 (2.5cm by 12 cm). We will be using one strip to cut the fringe for the stamen. Cut thinly and along the grain lines.

Step 5

Fold the other strip into half, and start sticking to the wire stem. Stick the strip carefully and neatly, adding glue periodically to secure the position

Step 6

Stick the fringe as shown above. And you will have done the stamen.

Step 7

Start sticking the smaller petals. Start with 3 petals, overlapping one another around 50% to wrap around the whole stamen. Stick the remaining 4 petals to wrap around the first layer of petals.

Step 8

Stick 1 row of the big petal using 5 of them. Pay attention to the intersection between each petal. Use the remaining 5 petals to any position that is required to balance the shape of the flower.

Step 9

Using the florist tape, start from the base of the flower petals, secure a few rounds of tape before moving down the stem in a diagonally manner. Cut off the excess tape and place a bit of glue at the end to stick to the stem.

Voila! You are done!

I did a quick arrangement using a white pot and some leaves that I bought from a local craft and textile store. I just love how these big flowers look without having to worry about them withering or drooping 😊. I came across some crafters who created flowers in a similar fashion for head bands and hand wrist, and they looked gorgeous as well.

Do you have other DIY ideas using crepe paper? Share your ideas and creations with us via mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg or tag #MyNiceHome on Instagram!

By LF Shen
July 06, 2017

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