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Of Horoscopes and Interior Decor (Part 2)

We picked another 6 horoscope signs to show their influence on interior décor. It is amazing how different and unique each one is!


Sagittarians are explorers – they are always up for an adventure! A bohemian-themed home reflects this well, as it hints at their free-spirited nature. Nothing spells boho-chic more than eclectic patterns, right? So you will probably find funky nomadic prints on their carpets, curtains and even cushions!


Pisces, a water sign, is associated with compassion and intuition. Soft pastel tones appeal to their senses, and aptly mirrors their gentle nature. When you enter their homes, you will instantly feel welcomed and at ease – exactly how you feel when you interact with a Piscean! 🙂


People with this star sign may come across as shy, but they possess a strong sense of individuality. In terms of home decor, they prefer to express their creative streak in an understated way – through the infusion of metallic-accents, like gold and silver, in small doses.


Enigmatic and mysterious, Scorpios view their home as a cocoon that shields them from the outside world. So an interior with a warm colour palette is right up their alley! For example, burgundy and maroon gives them a feeling of privacy, and helps them create their safe little haven.


Capricorns are highly independent, and disciplined people. To them functionality trumps fanciness. Just like their Taurean counterparts, minimalism is their preferred choice. White is also a popular choice for Capricorns, as they like to go for a crisp and clean look.


Libras value harmony and peace. Unlike Virgos, they are unlikely to go full out on the greens and browns to recreate a nature-themed home. They will try to balance out different elements in their home, rather than going for one extreme. For example, you will see them pair wooden furniture with geometric, modern decor pieces. So it is all about reconciling the yin and the yang.

If your horoscope sign is not in this list, check out part 1! 🙂 If you have other decor ideas, drop us an email at

By Atikah Razak
July 11, 2017

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