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Paper Cup Gift Box

Hosting a weekend party and have no idea how to pack those lil’ door gifts? You are in luck! This DIY gift box is probably the easiest yet most presentable gift box I have ever come across. Using only 3 common materials and in 3 simple steps, we can transform cups into little surprise boxes! 🙂

Materials (All items were bought from a local thrift shop)

1. Paper cup
2. Washi tape
3. Ribbon (6 mm)


1. One-hole puncher
2. Scissors
3. Pencil and ruler

Step 1

Press lightly to flatten the top part of the cup. Cut off the top rim in a straight vertical line. You may use a pencil and ruler to help you with this.

Step 2

Fill the cup with whatever you want – snacks, chocolates or sweets, or even small accessories. After you have placed the contents, seal the opening using washi tape. Trim off the excess on both sides.

Step 3

Make a light marking at the centre of the opening and punch 2 holes with equal distance away from the marking. Cut a strip of ribbon measuring around 28 cm and tie it to form a bow.

Surprise, surprise! You are done!

You can keep it plain or further decorate the cup with some simple writings like what I did. Names, short quotes or simple patterns are all great ideas. Or you could use different washi tapes to create more colours on the cup. Washi tapes are incredibly useful in many ways. You may want to check out this article on the different usages of washi tape.

You can also try punching the holes further away from each other and tie them with a ribbon to form a carrier.

Do you have other DIY ideas for gift wrapping? Share your ideas and creations with us via mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg or tag #MyNiceHome on Instagram!

By LF Shen
August 3, 2017

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