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4 Ways to Keep Lizards Out of Your Home

Spotted lizards in your home? Read our guide to keep out these unwanted ‘lodgers’!

Although lizards are generally harmless and are believed to help keep other insects away, their presence is unsettling for most people. The sight of them climbing anywhere and everywhere gives one the goose bumps. Their leavings can stain walls and furniture, and add to your housecleaning chores. Lizards move very quickly and are hard to catch. You can arm yourself with a broom and pray for the best when you jostle it towards the lizard… but where will the lizard land?

With some good habits and remedies, you can avoid these nightmares and keep your home lizard-free.

1. Keep it Clean

Like most pests, lizards thrive because of free food – and since they eat insects, you will want to first keep your house clean and free of food sources for them. Make sure to wipe down after meals and cooking, get rid of stagnant water, and clean your home regularly to get rid of spiders, ants, and mosquitoes.

2. Seal Them Out

Keep your windows and doors closed when possible, and inspect your home for any openings – lizards can climb in from ledges, underneath doors, and through tiny gaps and spaces. If you prefer natural ventilation, consider using a mesh screen for your windows so that you can let fresh air in and keep everything else out.

3. Spice it Up

Make your home unwelcoming to lizards by using spicy scents which they detest, such as pepper, chilli, onion, and garlic. Pepper is a good option since you can just leave it in a porous cloth bag for a longer period than the rest. It could also help to reduce other odours in places like the kitchen.

Some people have suggested that leaving (unwashed) egg shells and feathers around will frighten them away as lizards are afraid of birds, their natural predator. It was not very effective when I tried this, and the egg shells emit an odour after a while.

A better sweet-smelling alternative is to hang lemongrass near windows and doors to repel lizards.

4. Protect Your House

Lizards are territorial, so here is a very odd trick. Buy toy lizards and place them at windows, ledges and doorways around your home. Acting like lizard ‘scarecrows’ – they will protect your flat from invaders. Just check them every few weeks and make sure they are not tipped over, and rotate them once in a while so that the real lizards do not suspect that something is amiss.

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By Nicholas Yau
September 6, 2017

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