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Paper Baskets

Looking for a cheap and easy way to tidy and organise your desk?

You can do it with just a ruler, double-sided tape, a pair of scissors, and a few pieces of paper.

1. Cut up your paper into 6 strips of 3cm by 20cm. You would also need to create another 2 longer strips of 3cm by 26cm.

2. Place 3 strips vertically and another 3 horizontally behind. Now start weaving them together alternately, slipping the front piece to the back of the other and back to the front. Repeat this for all the strips until you have locked them all into place.

3. Fold in the strips to give the basket its height, weaving 1 of the longer strips to interlace and form the first layer. Keep going and do the same with the other longer strip to build the height of the basket.

4. When you are done weaving, secure your longer strips with some double-sided tape.

5. Cut away the excess length of your strips, or you could tape them down.

Now you have an adorable desk companion to keep the mess at bay! You can also try this out with different coloured papers to make it look like a real basket.

Do you have any other cool ways of organising your things? Email us your ideas at mynicehome@hdb.mailbox.gov.sg.

By Briana Tan
September 14, 2017

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