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Wow with Animal Prints

Walk on the wild side and pack a punch with animal-print inspired décor for a change! Many of us are afraid of using animal prints and so we turn to tame, insipid design and safe, blah colours.

Done well with a dose of imaginative flair, animal prints and paws can be used to roaring success. Here are some ways to do it:

(Photo credit: Brit + Co)

Funky Leopard Spots

Leopards with red spots are not something you will see in the wild but who says you cannot incorporate funky animal prints for your home? The large graphic prints make for a fun pattern on fabrics or as wallpaper. We recommend choosing 1 or 2 unusual colours for a room to stand out.

(Photo credit: Brit + Co)

Zebra Herringbones

Ever thought of using zebra prints in herringbone pattern? These altered patterns will fit right in with any of your modern home decor style that calls for bold ideas.

This home has taken it to daring heights with zebra prints covering an entire wall and a matching rug on the floor. But toned down by the muted colour palette of the rest of the décor, the finished look exudes a surprising timeless appeal.

(Photo credit: COLOURlovers)

Marrying Cheetahs and Tigers

Tiger stripes and cheetah spots do actually go together although your first instinct is that the busy combination will NOT work. There are clever ways around it – like creating visual balance by having small cheetah spots and bolder tiger stripes and using a muted or monochrome room colour palette.

(Photo credit: Design Indulgence)

Flora and Fauna

If you want to bring your home decor up a notch and look like a stylist carefully curated the items in your home, here is a pro tip. Animal prints and floral and botanical motifs complement very well so use them on your cushions, chair cover or display them as wall art. You can even pick out plants with big leaves to create a jungle vibe, right in your HDB flat.

(Photo credit: Design Love Fest)

(Photo credit: Architectural Digest)

Animal prints give a luxurious and timeless finish to any look and they do the same for any room in your home. Have fun experimenting and picking your favourite animal prints!

If you already have used animal prints in your home decor, share with us the photos and we would love to feature them! Drop us an email at

By Priya Shandhini
September 26, 2017

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