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Nailing the Modern Luxe Look

The phrase ‘modern luxury’ conjures to mind polished interiors à la upscale Manhattan. Find out what the essentials are to achieving this elegant vibe for your home!

Jazz Up the Neutral Palette

Muted colours are basic for the modern luxe style, but basic obviously need not mean boring! Instead of painting your walls a flat grey or white colour, why not go for a gradient such as varying shades of grey for added texture and interest?

For extra doses of personality, match nude tones with warm earthy shades like burgundy, deep orange or chestnut through the art pieces or decor accessories you choose to display.

Pick the Right Materials

Materials with sleek finishes are a definite requisite for a clean and contemporary look. Other than the classic marble and stone for flooring and countertops, lacquered wood is a great option for concealing your shelving that will fully match this interior design theme.

You can also use mirrors and transparent acrylic furniture strategically to create the illusion of greater and more fluid space, and make your abode feel airy and welcoming.

Finally, from sofas to cowhide rugs, leather will never go out of style when it comes to modern luxury!

Master the Art of Furnishing

One way to ensure that your home is not a cookie-cutter replica of your favourite Pinterest board is to source for unique furniture items that complement your chosen interior design theme.

The idea of ‘functional art’ is especially applicable in this case – think of repurposing a vintage brass cocktail trolley as a side table, or modernist coffee tables with metallic accents. Besides investing in timeless furniture pieces, lighting fixtures such as glamorous chandeliers or intricate pendant lights are a sure-fire way to draw everyone’s attention when they visit your home!

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Upholstered headboards are another trend that you should not miss out on, adding comfort and class to your bedroom that you will surely enjoy. Beyond black or grey, jewel tones such as emerald or deep blue can also fit perfectly into the modern luxe theme.

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October 4, 2017

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