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Easy Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Many of us like cooking but not the cleaning. Having helped my mum prepare numerous meals, I have picked up some tips to share with you. It starts by making less of a mess to begin with. 🙂

Clear the working space

1. Start cooking with an empty sink. Clear out the sink of any dishes in there.
2. Stir marinades, spice mixtures in bowls set in the sink. This keeps your counter free from spillages.
3. Place a generous piece of aluminium foil next to the stove or cooking area. Rest your spoons, knives, measuring tools on it rather than the counter. When you have finished cooking, scrunch up the foil and throw it away. This helps keep cleaning to a minimum.


4. Place a garbage bowl (lined with plastic bag) next to where you are cutting up ingredients. The peelings or scraps will not drop all over your clean floor and it saves you time by bagging your refuse earlier. Better still, if you have a compost bowl, place compostable items such as egg shells, carrot tops, and peels in the bowl.


5. Use the same tools again by giving them a quick wash and dry. No need to take out the full array of utensils when cooking.

Prepare extra

6. I learnt from my mum to always chop extra ingredients (garlic, onion) that I frequently use, and store them in the refrigerator for the next meal prep. This way, you have less cleaning to do during your next cooking session.

The bigger the better

7. Work in a bigger bowl than you think you need, to avoid having to transfer contents to bigger bowls and creating a mess on the counter. Fewer bowls to clean too.

Soak before cleaning

8. Place a large bowl filled with soapy water next to the sink to soak dirty utensils and plates right after use so that cleaning them is a lot easier and faster. If you have a large pot that needs to be soaked, fill the pot with hot soapy water, then place it on the kitchen counter and let it soak there. This saves you some sink space.

Clean as soon as you can

9. Wipe up spills as quickly as possible. Do not let them sit unless you want a longer cleaning time. Have a pail of cleaning water ready to clean the floor once you are done with the cooking.
10. Clean as you go. While the food is cooking, wash the chopping board and utensils that you used.

You can whip up as many dishes as you want and still have a clean kitchen with these tips!

What else do you do to keep your kitchen clean while cooking? Share your tips with us at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg.

By Serene Fong
October 19, 2017

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