Himmeli Terrarium

Have you always wanted a himmeli terrarium to place your little pots of plants, but store-bought ones are so costly!

You can make one instead. All you need are a few pieces of straws, some fishing line or thin wire, a ruler, scissors/ wire cutter, and a hot glue gun (optional). One nifty tip you could consider is using a thicker wire so that your himmelli will not be flimsy.

1. First, measure the straws. Cut 4 of them into 15cm strips and another 4 into 17cm strips.

2. Now you can make the base of your himmeli. Take 4 of your 15cm straws and run your wire through them. Next, form them into a shape of a square.

3. Next, take 2 of the 17cm straws and run a wire through them from 1 side of the 15cm straw. Take the excess wire at the end, and twist the wire so that it is secure before cutting it.

4. Take another 17cm straw, and run your wire through 2 of the 17cm straws as shown here.

5. Finish off with the last 17cm straw and place it at the remaining corner of your himmelli. Run your wire through that straw and the previous straw. Cut off the excess wire, and tie a knot on both ends to secure it.

Now your himmeli is completed.

Bonus tip: With the hot glue gun, put some glue around the corners to smoothen the edges.

Lastly, you can spray paint it in any colour! Gold would be a great choice and instantly makes your himmeli look like it is store-bought.

If you are not intending to spray paint your himmeli, you can also use black straws for an edgier look.

There you have it, your very own DIY Himelli Terrarium – completed under an hour!  🙂 

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By Briana Tan
November 9, 2017

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