Planetarium Projector

The galaxy and universe is beyond amazing and simply mesmerising, yet the closest we could get to it is by looking up at the night sky.

For those of you who are just as intrigued by astronomy as I am, I will show you how you can surround yourself with stars in your room.

Things you need:
1. 12 pieces of thick paper (at least 250gsm)
2. Needles/ sharp pointed object
3. Foam board
4. Glue
5. Pencil
6. Ruler
7. Penknife
8. Edison lamp/ small table lamp

Save this image of a pentagon and print it out on an A4 paper. Then use it as a template to trace and cut out the shape.

Use the penknife to cut 12 pentagons and score lines, and fold the paper as shown by the arrows in the top image, to create flaps.

Here is the fun part. Place your pentagons on a piece of foam board and use a needle or a sharp pointed object to create your constellations.

You can poke random holes through the paper to create clusters of stars or try searching for actual constellation patterns online for reference or inspiration!

Once you are happy with your design, glue the bottom side flaps of 5 pentagons and stick them side by side.

It should look something just like this!

When you are done, join them to form a circle.

Repeat the same steps for a second set and stick it above the first set. It should fit like a puzzle. Lastly, stick the remaining piece of pentagon to cover up the top and you should have a dodecahedron.

Now all you have to do is to place your Edison bulb or lamp into the planetarium projector and carry it into a dark room. Make sure your light is bright enough to project the stars.

Switch it on to see your room fill up with a sky full of stars! You could also try playing some ambient music to complete the whole dreamy experience.

Do you have any other creative DIY lighting ideas? Share it with us via or tag #MyNiceHome on Instagram!

By Briana Tan
January 4, 2018

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