Nebula Jar

The galaxy trend is everywhere these days, from food to make-up. If you are one of those who are simply mesmerised by the galaxy, we have a simple DIY you can do. Create your very own nebula (interstellar cloud) in a jar!

Things you need:

  1. Mason glass jar
  2. Micro-fine glitter
  3. Small container/ cup
  4. Wooden skewer
  5. Polyfill
  6. Food colouring/ water colour

1. Place a small amount of food colouring or water colour into the small container. Add some water into the container and mix it well before pouring it into a mason jar.

2. Take a bunch of polyfill and insert it into the mason jar. Try using a skewer to push the polyfill down to absorb more water.

3. Sprinkle some glitter into the mixture and continue adding more polyfill. This should make up a third of the mason jar.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to make up the other thirds of the jar. You can use different colours for each third.

5. Use the skewer to push the sides to give a wavy and galaxy look!

6. Once you are done, just screw on the lid and place it onto the shelf for a magical room decor.

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By Briana Tan
February 1, 2018

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