4 Tips to Make Your Bed Linens Instagram-Worthy

By : Atikah Razak
11 January 2017

 4 Tips to Make Your Bed Linens Instagram-Worthy

When I see cosy and comfy beds like this on Instagram, I am almost always transported to dreamland, thinking how nice if that was my own bed!


 4 Tips to Make Your Bed Linens Instagram-Worthy

But beyond choosing the right bed, picking the right bed linens also help to create a relaxing ambience for you to unwind. Oh, and it also doubles up as a great backdrop for your Instagram flat lay photos. 


Here are 4 tips on how you can choose the picture-perfect linens (literally) for your beds!


1. Monochrome Colour Scheme


The most fool-proof method is to opt for a single colour. Nothing fits the Instagram aesthetic more than solid colours! It gives off the minimalist and elegant vibe that is all the rage this year. Start off by choosing a base colour for your bedding, and then layer it with varying shades of that same colour.

 4 Tips to Make Your Bed Linens Instagram-Worthy

2. Pretty Patterns


Playing with patterns can be tricky, as it can all go so wrong if not chosen with a careful eye! Adding some patterned linens can add visual interest, but do try to keep a solid colour in your bedding set so that it does not look too busy. Alternatively, you can try going for monochromatic prints.


 4 Tips to Make Your Bed Linens Instagram-Worthy

3. Textures


Another secret is to choose the right fabric for your bedding set. You might be familiar with materials like Egyptian cotton, Supima cotton or even sateen. But did you know that the bedding fabric you choose could make or break the look of your bedroom? Sateen sheets give off a more chic feel, and can lighten up a dark room, due to its sheen. Meanwhile, fabrics like linen give your bed a more comfortable, worn-in look.

 4 Tips to Make Your Bed Linens Instagram-Worthy

4. Complementary Colours


Before you select a bedding set, take note of the colour of your bedroom! Your linens do not have to be the exact colour as your walls, but consider how they can balance each other out. If you have dark walls, maybe you can choose a lighter tone for your linens to break the monotony.

Got any other interesting tips on selecting the perfect bed linens? Share them with us via mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg or at our Facebook page.

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