Mummy’s 10 Best Cleaning Tips

By : Serene Fong
28 June 2017

Close up of coffee grounds in a cup

Cleaning hacks save time and money, so who would not love a great cleaning hack? I have put together a list of the 10 best cleaning tips I learned from mum, for busy mums.


1. Buffing stainless steel


Want to keep your stainless steel pots and pans gleaming? Rub a small amount of olive or baby oil onto a clean cloth and buff in a circular motion until you can see your face smiling back at you.

Top down shot of a stainless steel pot

2. Removing sticky labels


Sticky labels can prove frustratingly difficult to remove, or leave a sticky residue behind. Do you know that you can easily remove them by rubbing over with a kitchen towel dabbed with some olive oil?


3. Absorbing spills in bins


Old newspapers make handy liners for the bottom of your bins. Not only will it absorb spills from liquids left in packaging, it will also absorb smells from discarded food.

Banana peel going into waste bin

4. Removing lime scale in the kettle


Over time, lime scale will build up in your kettle. To get rid of it, add a small amount of vinegar to the kettle filled with water, and boil it. Do not add too much else the vinegar will bubble everywhere and cause a big mess!

A boiling stainless steel kettle with steam coming out of the spout

5. Neutralising fridge odour


Coffee grounds are good odour removers. Place half a cup of used coffee grounds in the fridge and leave overnight. Any unpleasant smell will be neutralised by the coffee’s strong aromatic smell.

Close up of coffee grounds in a cup

6. Removing permanent marker/ crayon stains

Children and crayons spell stain danger! If you need to remove crayon or marker stains, toothpaste is ideal for the job. Rub some white toothpaste on the stain, buff with a cloth and the stain should lift off. It is safe to use on white surfaces, floors, walls, TV screens, and even iPads!

Top down view of a toddler with blank stains all over his legs and pants

7. Cleaning your bathroom sink

Next time a glob of toothpaste drops onto your sink, do not waste it! Grab a sponge and scrub it around the sink and you will get a squeaky clean sink.

Close up of someone squeezing toothpaste onto his toothbrush

8. Dusting


Repurpose old t-shirts or handkerchiefs as dusting cloths. They pick up dust particles effectively because of their soft material. There are savings as you do not need to buy new cleaning cloths!


9. Preventing mould from developing in washing machine


Always leave the washing machine door ajar after a wash cycle, to air and allow condensation inside the machine to evaporate. Otherwise, mould can develop and spoil your clothes and also affect the durability of your machine in the long run.

Front view of a front load washing machine with its door slightly ajar

10. Removing lipstick stains from the carpet

You dropped your lipstick on the carpet and stained it. This is where Vaseline comes to the rescue. Rub Vaseline on the stain in circular motion, then scrape away. Continue until the carpet is clean.


A hand holding up an unlabelled jar of petroleum jelly

If you have tried any of the tips or have more cleaning tips to share, drop us an email at We would love to hear from you. 🙂


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