Washi Tape Script Cards

By : Briana Tan
31 August 2017

Washi Tape Script Cards
Washi Tape Script Cards

Feeling a little crafty these days? Here is a simple washi tape idea to create that nice hand-made typography greeting card to send your well wishes!

Things you need:
1. Washi tape
2. Pen knife or craft knife
3. Marker
4. Waxed paper
5. Art card


First, select your favourite font on a computer. Ensure that it has thicker lines and fewer loops so that it would be easier for you cut it out later.

Do type out your word, and size it so that it would fit your card nicely, before printing a copy of the word in mirror image. Tape the word you have printed behind the waxed paper before tracing over with a marker.

Washi Tape Script Cards

Remove the print out and set it aside once you are done.

Washi Tape Script Cards

Now cover the other side of the wax paper that you have not drawn on, with strips of overlapping washi tape (I am using a water colour effect washi tape). Start from the top, and work your way down. Juat make sure to match up the patterns on the washi tape where possible, to make it look seamless.

Lastly, use your scissors to carefully cut around the traced outline of the word. Once you are done, use a pen/ craft knife to clean up your washi tape script by cutting out any enclosed spaces and other fiddly, delicate spots.

Washi Tape Script Cards

Next, carefully peel the word off the waxed paper and stick it on the card. Do make sure to always peel in the direction from the bottom most strip to the topmost to ensure that the strips do not come apart.

And there you have it, a beautifully hand-made washi tape script card which would impress almost anyone!

All you have to do now is write a sweet message or glam up the card with some doodles or splashes, to make it stand out even more.

Have any simple home craft ideas? Why not share it with us at mailbox@mynicehome.com.sg today 😊




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