5 Beach-inspired Decor Tips

By : Erica Yap
15 November 2018

Longing for a breezy beach house to call home? Want to bring the coast indoors to your HDB flat? Here are 5 decorating tips for the beach lover.

1. Shells for decoration

Bring a piece of the sea right onto your shelves. Grab the shells gathered from your past beach visits, wash them free of sand and place them around your room. Large conches can be used as paper weights, while you can fill a bottle with the smaller shells or scatter them in a terrarium. Glue medium-sized ones to magnets to hold your notes against a magnetic board, or secure them to your shelves with an adhesive. For an added summery look, hang your shells!


2. Beach colour palette

No beach-themed room is complete without the quintessential beach colour palette. Sunny yellows, pale sea foam green, earthy browns, sandy beige, crisp whites and classic bright turquoise… bring these colours of the sea right into your home!


3. Sheer curtains

Keep your room looking open and airy with sheer curtains. Instead of heavy drapes, opt for a thin, gauzy curtain. Light curtains made of materials like loosely-woven polyester, cotton lace and silk maximise the amount of sunlight entering.

4. Floor rugs

Soften your floor’s overall look by laying rugs on the floor. Sisal is a good option. It has a rough, woven effect and looks like ropes found at the docks.


5. Wooden furniture

For furniture, consider white-stained wood to play up driftwood accents and emphasise a coastal appearance. The wood and minimal colours will evoke a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

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