Adding Pops of Colour to a Neutral-Themed Home

By : Theresa Ong
14 December 2018

The pairing of a bright classic red lipstick with a neutral eye make-up instantly ties the look together. Likewise, while a neutral interior décor theme is easy on the eye and chic, sometimes, a splash of colour in a muted space can add an unexpected surprise.

Ready to add some zest into your neutral interior décor? Check out these 4 non-permanent ideas to insert pops of colour to your space!

Use Temporary Wallpaper

A feature wall in your living space will capture your guests’ attention and be the talk of the room. Instead of giving the wall a fresh coat of paint, try using temporary wallpaper tiles in cool patterns to inject both personality and energy into your living space.

The use of wallpaper allows you to get used to an outstanding statement piece in your living space, without committing to it permanently.

Play Around with Textiles

Another easy way to add colours into your minimalistic home would be to play around with different textiles in your home.

Opt to roll out printed or coloured rug to inject colour with minimum effort, or swap out the pillows on your couch for something bright. You can also choose to include a colourful coverlet over the bed.

Changing up the textiles in your home is a handy trick to spruce up a neutral-toned theme without spending much.  

Bring Nature into Your Home

Let nature do its magic – place some greenery into your space. By incorporating an organic element, it will bring a splash of colour and perhaps a delightful scent into your home.

Head to the nearby wet market and pull together a bunch of flowers of your fancy, or place pots of indoor plants like cactus and terrariums. Artificial flowers are suitable alternatives for those who, like me, have not-so-green fingers.

Find new spots to place your greenery around your home every now and then for some spontaneity!

Upcycle Everyday Objects

Give your everyday objects a new coat of paint to make that colour statement. Or try reusing these items for another purpose? Upcycling is the new recycling – go for a quirky touch and use your painted jam jars as vases, or pen holders. We have an awesome step-by-step guide for making your own gold jars!

You can also choose to accentuate existing features by painting different elements in your home, such as the bedside table legs, or drawers. Sounds like this could be a fun weekend project for you and your family, with a great environmental cause!

What are some of the ways you spice up the decor in your home? Let us know at!

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