Bed Bugs Be Gone

By : Lim Wei Di
10 August 2018

Do you know that bed bugs can be found even in the most immaculate homes? It is a common misconception that bed bugs only thrive in dirty homes - these pesky little blood suckers are actually indiscriminate about their living conditions. As long as there is a steady supply of human blood for them to feed on, they will be happy to make any home their home.

How do you know if you have bed bugs at home?

One of the signs that  you may have bed bugs living in your flat is itchy spots that show up on your skin overnight.

Another tell-tale sign is blood stains, or dark rusty spots of bed bug excrement on your bedsheets, mattresses or walls. Bed bugs are also known to emit an odour that resembles the smell of coriander.

Very often, bed bug bites are mistaken for mosquito bites, or bites from other insects. For the uninitiated, this is how their bites look like.

Photo credit: WebMD

Look carefully for bed bugs if you notice these signs! Check your mattresses, bed frames, and headboards – these are areas where bed bugs are known to hide. Do not forget to check your wardrobe too, as bed bugs can also attach themselves to clothing.

Exterminating bed bugs
Once you have confirmed that you have a bed bug problem, do a thorough clean-up of the places where bed bugs are known to thrive.




Clean all beddings, curtains, and clothing in hot water, and dry them in the dryer at the highest setting – the heat will kill all the eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs.

Vacuum your mattress, the cracks of your headboard, and the surrounding area thoroughly. Be sure to remove the vacuum in an outside bin to reduce the possibility of the bed bugs returning to your home.

Every few days after you complete your initial clean-up, look carefully for any evidence of bed bugs to make sure that all the bed bugs and their eggs have been fully exterminated.

If your mattress is severely infested, consider getting rid of it and replacing it with a new one as it might be impossible to completely get rid of the bed bugs in it. You will sleep better knowing that it’s rid of bed bugs!

In some cases, these DIY methods might not fully eliminate bed bugs from your home. For more persistent or serious cases, always hire a pest control professional to exterminate them from your home.

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