Caring for Your Floor Traps

By : Theresa Ong
20 June 2018

Nondescript and hidden, floor traps are usually the last thing on a homeowner’s mind when it comes to house cleaning. However, just like other household fixtures and items, floor traps need regular care and maintenance. Leaving your floor traps unattended for a long period of time may leave a thorn in your side.

For those who are finally thinking of giving some TLC to your floor traps, here are 4 tips to help you get started:

1. Do not pour dirty liquid down the floor trap

It may seem convenient, or even common-sensical, to dispose of dirty liquids, including cooking oil, down the floor trap. But this is a huge no-no! Grease and/ or solid matter from the liquids may choke the floor trap, which in turn will cause an overflow of water. Now that would be a real messy situation for a minute of convenience.  

2. Always close the floor grating 

Keep the floor grating closed to prevent particles, such as hair and other solid materials, from choking the floor trap.

If you wish to remove the foreign particles that are causing the choke, try using a drain snake or plunger. But if you need professional help, call a plumber in this case. Do make sure he’s a licensed contractor!

3. Seal up the floor trap when not in use for extended period

If you are going on a long holiday, remember to seal your floor trap covers temporarily. Sealing your floor traps will prevent them from being trapped with foreign particles, and it will also help to eliminate potential foul smell. You would not want to return to a stinking home after your trip!

4. Clean the bathroom and kitchen regularly

A clean and sparkling home is a happy home for all. To keep your bathroom and kitchen in tip-top condition, clean them daily with diluted household bleach: 1 tablespoon of bleach mixed with about 6 cups of water. For those who are up for an organic ‘cleanse’, you can also DIY your own bio enzyme cleaner from kitchen waste.

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