Decorating a Millennial Bedroom

By : Briana Tan
19 June 2018

Hands up if you were either born in the late 80’s to the early 90’s! Here’s to all you 90’s kids whom are now in the midst of adulting.

Adulting is definitely hard but there are also perks to it, as you get to be in control of your life and also more freedom to make your own choices. Remember how your bedroom used to look like while growing up? Yes, I have been there, done that- a room plastered with mathematical and alphabetical posters on the walls, and big mattresses laying around all over the floor.

But now that we’re *ehem* grown-ups, why not take charge in making our bedrooms to be a reflection of ourselves? Here’s a sneak peak of my very own bedroom to draw some inspirations on how to inject tumblr-esque vibes to yours.

Fairy Lights

What’s the word ‘millennial’ without the thought of fairy lights flickering somewhere in the back of your mind? Think trending fairy light photographer Brandon Woefel and you will be inspired by how much these little lights can give your room a hipster boost.

Scandinavian Decor

This one is too simple too be missed. There are many of such little home decorations you can find online or at IKEA, and the best thing is they are already Scandinavian themed! The easiest way to achieve a modern aesthetic is to have a reindeer part of your décor, a pot of greenery can also help to add a pop of colour.

Some other knick knacks that I also put on my wardrobe is a moon lamp, a plush toy and a hand written calligraphy in a frame. Oh yes, you can also place wooden eyelashes on your furniture to add some quirkiness to your bedroom!

Paper Bag

Not sure where to put your loose items? Get a paper bag- there are many minimal yet chic looking ones to be found online. There are some brands that are pretty popular for their paper bags, such as Le Sac en Papier and Tell Kiddo and they come in all kinds of simple looking prints on them. With paper bags like these, who needs plain looking boxes and containers to store your items?

Dried Flowers

Everyone would know that flowers do not last forever. Even if you’re a green thumb, flowers will eventually wither and die and they are not easy to manage especially in Singapore’s climate. Try getting dried flowers for a change, as they do not require any care and maintenance, plus they can last forever!


If you are into prints, consider playing around with the different kinds of posters and layout to get the right composition for your wall. There are no rules when it comes to pasting prints onto your walls and that’s what makes it awesome. You can also frame them up if you are looking to achieve a more polished look.

Accessories as part of decoration

If you have unique looking bags or shoes, you can also display them as part of your room décor until you have to use them. If it is beautiful yet functional at the same time, then why not? Just make sure your shoes are clean before your place them onto your display tops.

Now you can start planning for your very own millennial bedroom. If you’ve added some fairy lights to yours, Drop us a note at as we would love to see it!

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