Glitterised Phone Charger

By : Briana Tan
12 December 2018

Bored of how your phone charger looks like? Try blinging it up with just 4 simple materials!

All you need is:

  1. Mod Podge Glue

  2. Glitter

  3. Paintbrush

  4. Clear Nail Polish (Top Coat)

First, tape off the metal parts of the charger to protect it.

Next, use your paint brush and evenly spread some glue onto the surface of your charger.

Now pour the glitter particles over the glued areas, and shake off the excess.

Leave it to set and dry. When you are finally done, just seal it with clear top coat nail polish! And there you have it, a fancy pansy phone charger which no one else has!

Now there is no need for anyone to ask “whose charger is this?” anymore when it’s covered in glitter that just screams your name!





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