HDB At Your Service

By : Wong Li Ying
18 October 2018

With 22 HDB branches across Singapore, help on HDB matters is only a stone’s throw away!

If you live in an HDB flat, chances are that you may need to contact the HDB branch at some point in time. HDB has 22 branches located across the island so you won’t need to travel far to get help. You can use the HDB e-service to find out the location of the branch managing your area.

But before you head down to the branch, check the list of HDB e-services to see if you can save yourself a trip. Many of our services are available online, such as the adding or removing a flat occupant and payment of season parking. So you might not even need to travel to the branch at all!

If you are visiting our branch, skip the queue by using the e-kiosks available at all our branches to settle your transactions. These e-kiosks offer a wide range of services, such as season parking applications and application to rent out your flat. There are also payment kiosks, which accept cash, for payments such as upgrading cost and parking fines.

Transactions at the payment kiosks are fast and hassle-free!

Some transactions, such as mortgage arrears payment, may need a face-to-face meeting with an HDB officer. Rather than walking into the branch and waiting in line, you can save yourself time by making an e-appointment.

Standing in line? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Beat the queue and book your appointment ahead of time.

If you prefer to transact on-the-go, simply download the HDB mobile app and all the HDB e-services will be at your fingertips.





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