Illuminating Your Home with Fairy Lights

By : Kay Liao
19 December 2018

Everyone knows the importance of lighting when it comes to interior décor. The right lighting can enhance the ambience of your living space, and you can do so without having to invest in expensive light fixtures to achieve the perfect mood!

Decorative lighting is not just for the festive seasons. Here are some creative ways  you can use fairy lights indoors to evoke a dreamy effect in different rooms.

  1. A Jar of Stars

Here is something easy to get you started! Simply grab a clear Mason jar, and twirl a string of fairy lights in a neat spiral within the jar. You can place your jar of lights anywhere to brighten up a room – on the coffee table in your living room, by your bed, or along bookshelves!


And since it is that effortless, why stop at one? Make several of these pretty jars to add a cosy touch to your home when night falls. Bonus tip –  Tie a floral corsage around the lid to further embellish your portable constellation jar.

Besides Mason jars, you can switch things up and use other glassware to hold your fairy lights, including vases or terrariums as a centrepiece for your dining table.

  1. A Twinkling Gallery of Art and Memories

Wondering how to decorate a bare wall at home? Create a feature wall of photos with fairy lights!

Using adhesive materials such as washi tape or small picture hooks, plot a zigzag pattern and drape the fairy lights across your wall. After arranging the string of lights to your satisfaction, just use pegs to display your favourite photos, postcards, art prints or drawings.

Feel free to experiment with different ways of hanging up your fairy lights, including using a wire grid.

  1. A Piece of the Night Sky

Fairy lights serve as ideal mood lighting for your bedroom, casting a soft romantic glow that invites you to linger. Wrap fairy lights across your headboard, or even shape the string of lights to personalise your own unique headboard.

Alternatively, cascade fairy lights from a ceiling hook behind your bed for a whimsical effect. They can also serve as a night light source in place of a bedside table lamp.

Interested in other ways to adorn your bedroom with fairy lights? Drape fairy lights around your vanity mirror or a window frame to add an accent!

And there you have it! Ambient lighting can add the perfect finishing touch to your home. Now you can decorate your home with these merry twinkle lights to keep it looking festive and magical all year round.

If you have any easy and quirky décor ideas to spiff up your home, do share your tips and photos with us at or drop by our Facebook page to let us know!





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