Paint Your Home like Picasso

By : Briana Tan
13 October 2018

Solid colours and wallpapers are standard fare in homes these days. Want to stand out from the crowd? Break from the norm, and try colour blocking!

Colour blocking not only shows off your sense of aesthetic, but it is also a sure way to get the conversation going with your guests.

What is colour blocking?

Colour blocking is a design trend where bold colours are mixed and matched in fun combinations to create visual impact in a space or room. This technique works exceptionally well for modern home interior themes.

This trend can be achieved through different ways – read on for 3 ideas to colour block your home the unconventional way!

Painting in shapes

Instead of the usual single or dual-toned walls, try painting different colours in various geometrical shapes divided by clean lines, for a stronger dynamic appeal.

Need help with choosing complementary colours? Using a standard colour wheel, try out any of the colour schemes in the image above, and choose your favourite combination.

Painting your furniture

Colour blocking works on other surfaces other than walls too. Spruce up your old furniture and make a stylish statement at the same time.

Have an old dresser? Painting each drawer in a different shade can achieve the same colour blocking effect.

It may even be less taxing as compared to painting a whole wall too! Just make sure that your walls and floor are in neutral colours, such as brown or grey, to bring out the colour contrast fully.

Frames and furniture


Besides painting your walls and furniture, you can also consider adding pops of colour through decorations. Try adding colourful wall frames, or cushions on a neutral coloured sofa to bring your colour blocking to the next level.

Did you colour block your walls? Send us photos of your home at!

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