Minimalist Living Room Ideas

By : Yi Qin
21 September 2018

For many of us, the living room is where we spend much of our time unwinding and catching up with our family and friends. So why not make your living room a minimalist haven that is conducive for a chilling good time?

Here are some ideas to keep your living room simple, stylish, and yet cosy.

1. Go monochrome

Adopt a mix of monochromatic colours such as black, white and grey to give your living room a sophisticated and classy look. 

You can go a step further to accentuate your living room with a few eye-catching elements, such as art pieces or furniture in a contrasting colour. A muted monochromatic theme would allow these accent elements to pop.

2. Clear the clutter

A minimalist look requires the living room to have as much clear space and surfaces as possible, so it is essential to declutter! Remove unnecessary furniture and shelve away common items, such as newspapers and magazines.

3. Leave empty spaces

Resist the temptation to decorate or fill up every inch of space in your living room. Having empty spaces is key to minimalism, as they can bring about an air of serenity that helps you relax.

4. Choose simple furniture

For a minimalist living room, settle for furniture with simple designs in monochromatic hues. This way, attention will be drawn to special touches like a unique lamp or art piece.

5. Explore textures and patterns

Add texture to your monochromatic palette by using different materials for your furniture, such as glass, timber, teak and canvas. A mix of textures can help infuse elegance into the room.

You can also incorporate patterns to accentuate your living room. Just ensure that your choice of textures and patterns do not clash!

If you have a minimalist living room, do drop us a mail at as we are curious to see it!

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