Instagram Spotlight: Local Photographers

By : Nicholas Yau
26 August 2019

Home is where our memories are made. With iconic designs and beautiful green spaces, it’s no surprise that many heartlanders enjoy posting Instagram photos of their #HDBeautiful home and neighbourhoods.

From uncovering hidden spaces to shedding new light on our estates, here are some of our favourite local Instagrammers (in no particular order) to follow!

1. Jon Chiang (@jon.chiang)

Enjoy dramatic skylines taken during the magical hours such as dawn or sunset? Look no further than Jon Chiang.

Photo Credit: @jon.chiang

A professional photographer, Jon does more than taking gorgeous photos showcasing Singapore’s urban landscape. In his posts, he often shares how he achieves each shot.

2. Miguel (@momentos_sg)

Photo Credit: @momentos_sg

Be awed by Miguel’s feed that showcases building façades with a keen attention to visual composition and flow of each photo. The photos of HDB projects are also interspersed with housing blocks overseas, lending greater appreciation to local flat designs!

3. Gareth Phua (@Gareth.Phua)

Photo Credit: @Gareth.Phua

What stands out in Gareth’s photos is the strong shadow details that not only highlights the buildings’ silhouettes but also tell their stories through the passage of time. As a resident of Bedok for over 25 years, Gareth has also been visually documenting the town as a personal project.

4. Steven (@photographyholic)

Photo Credit: @photographyholic

Moving away from the built environment, Steven’s photos  feature close-up shots of people in HDB towns and offers glimpses of their daily lives. It’s all about finding the extraordinary moments in the everyday!

5. Gordon Wong (@gordon61)

Photo Credit: @gordon61

As a member of many Instagram groups, Gordon’s passion for photography is extensive, as evident from his feed. His photos form a rich tapestry of visuals covering several local themes on rotation.  Some of which includes National Day, local architecture and of course, life in the heartland.

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