Safer Homes with EASE

By : Britina Tan
21 January 2019

If you have steps at the entrance of your flat, here’s the good news. HDB will now offer ramps for flats with multi-steps entrances under the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) programme. Depending on the unit’s configuration, either a portable or customised ramp solution may be offered. An HDB-appointed contractor will assess and advise owners on the type of ramp suitable tor their homes.  

For flats where both types of ramps are not suitable, mechanical wheelchair lifters may be offered under a separate pilot scheme. However, if neither ramps nor wheelchair lifters are feasible, home owners can approach HDB to explore alternative solutions.


Who is eligible?


As the cost of the ramps is highly subsidised, only Singapore Citizen home owners are eligible for the scheme. The home owner must have at least a family member aged 65 years old and above, and using a wheelchair, or aged between 60 and 64 years old requiring assistance with at least one of the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as mobility, toileting and dressing.

Home owners whose flats are undergoing the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) would be offered the EASE programme. Those whose flats have not been selected for HIP, can apply directly to HDB to have the ramps installed.

EASE Improvement Items

The EASE programme was first launched in July 2012 to help seniors living in HDB flats to navigate their homes safely and easily. The improvements under EASE cover elderly-friendly fittings such as slip-resistant treatment to floor tiles, grab bars and ramps within the flat and at the entrance – all at highly subsidised rates. 

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