What to do if Your Ceiling Leaks

By : Lim Wei Di
26 April 2019

Pitter patter raindrops…

Have a leaky ceiling? Read on to find out what could be the causes and what you can do about them!

What causes ceiling leaks?

Water leaking into your living area is a frustrating occurrence that owners of aging properties may sometimes face, especially in wet areas such as toilets. This happens when the waterproof membrane and screed in the floor slab gets worn out over time, causing water from the unit above to seep through the ceiling. This is caused by natural wear and tear as the buildings age.

Who is responsible for ceiling leaks?

Before you run up huffily to your neighbour to demand compensation, know that you and your neighbour – owners of the upper and lower floor units – have a shared responsibility in maintaining the structure of your respective flats.

You should work together to arrange for the repair work to be done, and split the necessary cost involved.

What if you are living on the highest  floor of an HDB block? In this case, the leak could be coming from the roof of the block, which is part of the common property maintained by the Town Council. Contact your Town Council to have them fix the leak.

What are some of the repair methods for ceiling leaks?

There are many ways to fix ceiling leaks, but re-screeding is the most recommended option. In gist, you lay on a new waterproof screed layer and tiles to replace the worn out ones. Discuss other methods of resolving the leaks with your contractor. In certain cases, it might take more than a single repair method to stop the leaks.

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