3 Steps to Organising Your Home Library

By : Kay Liao
20 December 2017

Some people say that there is nothing like the scent and sensation of book pages between your fingers, and the feeling of holding a world of ideas in your hands. While technology has afforded us the convenience of accessing thousands of books on a single electronic device, there are many folks who still prefer reading from books.

If you have an extensive collection, take the time to sort through your books. Set aside those you do not wish to keep, such as old books or titles you will not read again. Consider giving them away to friends who might want them, or donating them to local charities.

Alternatively, why not organise a book swap event within your community? Meet up with your friends and neighbours at the neighbourhood centre and have fun trading books!

2. Catalogue your collection

Have you ever bought the same book twice? I know I have! Cataloguing your books lets you keep track of what you own so you can avoid this pitfall.

There are several websites and apps available on the Internet to assist you with cataloguing your books electronically. Some apps come with a barcode scanning feature which allows you to easily input information about the books.

For those with a large book collection, this might sound like a daunting task. A great idea would be to make it a family activity! Get all hands on deck, and bond over organising your home library together over the weekends.

3. Choose your shelving system

Congratulations on making it this far! Next, choose a system of organising and re-shelving your books. You can do it in several ways:

Organising your books by colour can be an aesthetically pleasing option, while organising it by genre might be more practical. Up for a challenge? Level up and use the Dewey Decimal System adopted by libraries worldwide. Pick what works best for you, and stick with it!

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