4 Quick Ways to Bond with Your Neighbours

By : Jessie Ng
07 June 2017

As the new kid on the block, adjusting to an entirely new environment can be unsettling. This is especially so if you do not know the people who are living around you when you first move in. But thanks to modern inventions, we have more opportunities and options to help us get to know our neighbours better. 

Social Media: Bonding Ahead

With social media, residents can connect with each other even before they move in. Through Facebook for example, residents can set up groups to chat about their new homes even before moving in. 

Such online conversations can evolve beyond just a casual “Hello”. Many have shared renovation tips and bond over common interests. As long as you have a social media account, you are just a click away from connecting with your new neighbours.

Messaging applications: Bonding ‘on a first name basis’

Some residents have also taken to messaging applications to develop more personal interactions with their community. Unlike social media, where one is identified via an ID or nickname, residents who are part of the same chat group can be identified by their actual name. The openness enables more trusting relationships to develop among those who are part of the group.

From an impromptu meal at the hawker centre, gym sessions for the fitness junkies, to even making a bulk purchase for renovation supplies, the things that can be discussed over the chat group are endless. This is also a simple way to sustain and grow community bonds.

Ground-up community programmes: Bond through activities

You can also arrange something that you and your neighbours can do together. Many community programmes have sprouted up in the past few years to offer tips and even financial support to enable residents to develop community activities that they are interested in.

From community gardening, organising a ‘makan’ session, to creating a community hangout spot right below your block, tap on programmes (like ‘Friendly Faces, Lively Places’ fund) to kickstart a fun community project of your own.

You can tap on initiatives such as 'Friendly Faces, Lively Places' fund to bring together your community through activities such as this Terrarium Workshop at SkyTerrace @ Dawson

Car and bicycle sharing applications: Bond ‘on the go’

Car and bike sharing applications are also new opportunities for residents to mingle. From sharing a ride with other nearby residents to renting a bicycle for an impromptu cycling session, your trips will never be the same again when there is good company. This is also a cheaper and an eco-friendlier alternative to owning a transport of your own!

If you have other new ways for people to bond together, do let us know on our Facebook page or drop us a note at  mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg.

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