5 Trendy Ways to Rock the Colour of 2018

By : Briana Tan
17 January 2018

(Image Credit: Pantone)

With the arrival of 2018, Pantone has once again announced the colour of the year. Presenting to you ’Ultra Violet’ – the colour of mystery and luxury.

The striking purple symbolises the beauty of the cosmos and the universe; it also signifies opportunities as limitless as the sky. And legendary music icons such as Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix, rocked this popular colour.

The vibrant hue is millennial shades away from past Pantone colours of olive green and dusty pink. If you find it too flashy and flamboyant, you can still incorporate it in small, balanced doses.

But why not just up your home decor game – impress your guests with your impeccable taste this New Year by going the full stretch with ultra violet in your home.

1. Neon signs


(Photo Credit: Michelle Phan)

Purple and gold go so well with each other¬ just like milk and cookies. Since the 2 colours signify luxury, it works even better when you have a purple velvet sofa. Just throw on some gold pillows to add instant glam to your living room.

3. Flowers


Lavenders, hydrangeas, and orchids – these beautiful flowers are the perfect pop of purple for your room. Place them in a nice and fancy jar and you are good to go. However if you have a ‘brown thumb’, consider having no-maintenance flowers such as dried lavenders and purple roses.

4. Textured wallpaper


If you are looking to have purple walls, it does not have to be a solid coating. Explore different types of wallpapers, textures and finishes and you are bound to achieve a look that is on a whole new level. Skip the cliché, be a little bold and step out of your comfort zone and you may just end up with something that is Pinterest worthy.

5. Wall tapestry


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