5 Ways to Create Modern Art Spaces in Your Home

By : Jessie Ng
21 November 2017

Impressive art pieces give your home a classy visual upgrade, but can be costly. With a bit of imaginative flair, you can turn your home into a modern art space at half the budget and twice the fun! 

Check out these unique ideas that will allow your artsy-craftsy side to shine through your home decor and design.

1. Repurpose unconventional items such as your tableware

(Photo Credit: diytag.com)

If you have a beautiful set of teacups or tableware stored away, why not consider using them to add some artsy element to your dining room? With a bit of craft work, you can turn them into unique light fixtures.

For those with an interest in gardening, the teacups could be repurposed as planters to create a modern green corner at home.

2. Create ‘on-the-ground’ art using carpets

The floor of your home can also serve as a blank canvas to lay a gorgeous carpet over. Choose a big carpet with bold colours or with intricate designs. For the carpet to become the centrepiece of the space, keep the rest of the decoration and furniture simple.

3. Incorporate functionality and aesthetics with a clock wall feature

If your job requires you to deal with clients or colleagues of different time zones or you simply need multiple alarms to wake you up for work or school, why not create a beautiful wall feature with clocks!

Not only does it help to remind you of the time, you can also personalise the design to create a wall feature that is uniquely yours. Choose clocks of the same shape, but of different sizes and colours to maintain some visual harmony while adding variety.

4. Create a tasteful exhibition corner for your collection

If you have a good collection of collectibles, such as books, consider carving out a space to showcase them. For a more impressive and eye-catching display, you can choose to house your literary finds on a library wall or full-length bookshelf.

To create a tasteful backdrop with the books, display books that blend or complement the surrounding furniture, textiles or wall colours. The overall look will be more natural when the books are arranged with some variations. For those with a beautiful collection of shoes, this idea would work for you too. 

5. Choose a unique headboard for your bed

You can also incorporate an art piece in your bedroom, by simply adding a unique headboard to your bed. This could be a metal headboard with an elaborate design or a plush headboard made up of interesting shapes. Whatever your style, choose an accent colour for your headboard, and then follow it through with other decor pieces in the room, like shelves and frames, for better visual harmony.

If you have designed a modern art space in your home, share it with us via mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg

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