A Clutter-free Kitchen

By : Priya Shandhini
22 October 2015

Kitchens can be tricky spaces to design – home owners want to keep things out of view yet have them easily accessible when preparing food and snacks.
But with some clever solutions, you can have both. We share a few nifty ideas that you can incorporate when doing up your kitchen.



What has colour got to do with a neat and practical kitchen? Plenty! Colours can uplift or depress one’s mood. Most home owners go for neutral and bland combinations to play safe. That is fine but a bright pop of colour, like this lemony-yellow kitchen, will make you smile and will definitely distract from any build-up clutter


The lemony yellow brightens up the kitchen and lots of cupboard and drawer space help keep the counter top clean and clutter-free


Drawers are like pocket trousers handy for stashing away odds and ends out of sight. So be sure to incorporate enough drawers when designing your new kitchen.
Make full use of organisation trays to corral your cutlery and other small items. There are many different combinations to meet different needs, choosing what to buy can be headache unless you plan beforehand.


Notice how even organisation trays can serve different purposes – one has little dividers suitable for cutlery and the other has two layers to stack items such as baking tins above and cooking pots below

Pull-out Cupboards

Another great solution is the pull-out cupboard. You can design a high pull-out cupboard that has multiple racks to keep your collection of spices, condiments and other cooking items.

The odd space or corners, those which are neither too big nor small or blocked by pipes, are often challenging as they do not make for conventional storage spaces. Do not be daunted as they can also be well utilised, with a bit of planning and creativity. Speak to your Contractor or ID to see how you can maximise the space. A swing-out cupboard is one way of tackling that odd corner space.


A slim pull-out cupboard has been cleverly positioned near the cooking/ washing area

Hang and Stack

A clean ‘canvas’ is important for any chef to whip up delicious meals, so keeping your workspace clean and tidy is a must. Hanging and stacking is a good way to clear countertop space. Hang cooking utensils on the wall and place your dish drying rack right above your sink.


So there you go – our neat fixes for the kitchen  Have you got other innovative ways to de-clutter your kitchen? Share them with us at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg


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