A ‘Green’ Bathroom Without Plants

By : Mei See
04 May 2017

Brown thumbs unite! This article is for my fellow inept gardeners who lack any plant-growing skills. While we may not be gifted with the capability of nurturing any species of plant, it is possible for us to welcome ‘nature’ into our homes. Learn how to deceive your senses (and yourself!) that you have entered a mini oasis, whenever you use the bathroom. 


By combining elements that excite your sight, touch, and smell, you can design a space that can fool anyone into thinking that you have green fingers.


I prefer plastic plants, as they can be washed and cleaned easily



First, get some realistic-looking fake plants. The visual aesthetics are extremely important. I would recommend getting succulents, as they tend to look more authentic. Choose one which covers most of the ‘soil’, as that is the most artificially looking part of the package. You can place the pots near the sink, or above the cistern. Personally, I would avoid putting any at the window, because general clumsiness or heavy storms will lead to it being ‘killer-litter’.

Pro tip: Get a mat with an anti-slip base, so that you can wipe your feet safely



To simulate the feeling of walking on grass, get a fluffy textured door mat (in a pleasing shade of green, of course), and spend a little time rubbing your feet against it before and after you use the bathroom. It not only mimics the sensations of walking barefoot in nature, but is also great at wicking moisture off your feet after a hot shower – keeping the rest of your home free from wet footprints. You can also add some fabric softener when you wash the mat, so that it remains velvety. 


The unpolished edges of these bars of soap will surely add a rustic look to your bathroom!



Complete this multi-sensory bathroom package by using floral or plant-scented hand soap or body wash. Eucalyptus mint keeps your mind and skin feeling refreshed, and is a great choice. If you need to use unscented products, just place a bar of scented soap near the entrance of your bathroom, or below the sink. The lingering scent will help to conjure up scenes of nature.

With these simple steps you can still have a ‘green’ bathroom! Do you have any other great ideas to magically transform our homes? Email us at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg!



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