All You Need To Know About Air-Conditioner Permits

By : Jane Chang
30 April 2015

It is ‘springtime’ in Singapore! Of late, our trees are laden with blooms in gorgeous colours – a sign that the ‘seasons’ are changing. In fact, the newspapers reported April as the warmest month of the year!
In such times, an air-conditioner seems a must. To reduce our electricity consumption, my parents decided to upgrade our air-conditioning system to a more energy-efficient model.


But before doing so, I reminded them to check if an HDB permit was required. This is something all home owners of a new or resale flat should do before changing or installing an air-conditioning unit. Chill out (pun intended), and let us take you through the process!


What Do You Have To Do?

The first step is to check your block’s electrical loading via HDB InfoWEB or by calling the HDB toll-free Branch Service Line on 1800-2255432. What you need to find out is whether the block has been provided with higher electrical loading.

This HDB InfoWEB page will tell you if your flat is provided with higher electrical loading

If your block has not been provided with higher electrical loading (meaning the main switch is 30 Amps)


• You need an HDB permit if…

…you want to install your air-conditioner unit using a new 15 Amps power point or 20 Amps isolator. In this case, you need to apply for an electrical permit before installing your air-conditioner. (Fret not… it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to submit the online application 


• You don’t need an HDB permit if…

…you’re using the existing approved 15 Amps power point or 20 Amps isolator provided by the previous flat owner, or HDB.


If your HDB flat was completed on or after 1 Jan 1994, or was upgraded under the Main Upgrading Programme (MUP) or Home Improvement Programme (HIP):


• You don’t need an HDB permit…

The flat would have been equipped with a 40 Amps main switch, which means that it has a higher electrical loading. You won’t have to apply for a permit to install higher capacity equipment or appliances, which includes the air-conditioner. However, the running current of the air-conditioner should be restricted by the 20 Amps isolator or 15 Amps power point.


Things to Note

• Air-conditioning systems can only be installed by BCA trained air-conditioner installers, so check before installation work starts.

• You need to submit the installation report to the HDB Branch managing your flat within 14 days of installing the air conditioning system (your contractor may submit it on your behalf).

Online applications are such a breeze!

You’re Almost There!

There are some technical guidelines on installing air-conditioners on HDB InfoWEB. Do read through them to make sure you meet the requirements!

This will ensure that the whole installation process is smoother, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in the warm seasons to come. Stay cool, guys!


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