Alternative Wall Art

By : Priya Shandhini
25 July 2017

Paintings are not the only answer for plain walls that need an uplift. There are other creative alternatives, wallet-friendly as well as practical ones that you can consider.

From funky mirrors to fabric hangings and even your children’s doodles, the choices are endless. All you need is an imaginative stroke of genius to pull it altogether!

Wood or Metallic Shapes

With many home owners going for Industrial and Scandinavian home decor themes, abstract structures in wood or metal will fit right in place. Some items that you can use include mirrors and photo frames arranged to form your own display of modern art.



If you chance upon a fabulous rug or fabric print, buy both and lug them home for use as a wall feature. And you can easily switch them about to update the look.

With the endless choices of rugs and fabrics available – think prints, watercolour, abstract art – there is bound to be something that will click with the rest of your home decor.



(Photo credit: Retr~eat)

Abstract Prints

If you love abstract prints and patterns, use them as framed artworks. Instead of mounting them on the wall, just prop them causally atop cabinets or on the floor next to a funky armchair. And there you have it – a curated cosy corner for your afternoon tea and reading. 🙂




If you love to travel and world maps beckon to you – this one is for you. Display the 5 continents on your wall for a simple yet striking centrepiece. There are some fancy things you could do, such as using LED lights to illuminate the map.



Little Ones’ Art

There are some pieces of art that are priceless like those that you and your little ones create together. Frame them up for your kid’s room or anywhere in the home. We are sure that these cheery and colourful pieces will brighten up your day anytime!



Got any other novel ideas for home décor? Let us know via email and we would love to feature your tips on our website as well.

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