An Air-Conditioner Buying Guide for your BTO Flat

By : Nur Raihana
24 October 2017

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An Air-Con Buying Guide for your BTO Flat

My flat is naturally windy, and the ceiling fan usually suffices. There are days though where the sweltering Singapore heat gets too much to handle, and our air-conditioning system becomes a life saver. The sheer variety of air conditioners available in Singapore can be mind-boggling for a first-timer, so here is what to look out for when buying one.
Type of air-conditioner
The wall-mounted multi-split system is a popular option. Multiple blower units are controlled by just 1 central compressor that sits on a ledge outside the flat. A 3-split system has 3 indoor units, sufficient for a 3-room flat, with units placed in each room and the living area. Larger flats with an additional room can benefit from the 4 indoor units of a 4-split system.

Air-conditioning on a hot day = LOVE

Cooling power
A term that you will come across is ‘BTU’, or British Thermal Unit. A bigger room will need an air-conditioner that has a higher BTU. Bring along your floor plan when you go shopping, and seek advice from the salespersons or air-conditioner experts on the cooling capacity that is needed for your home.
They can also recommend where the units should be placed so that they can cool the rooms efficiently without unsightly trunking.

Wiring up the house for air-conditioning goodness

Energy efficiency
Air-conditioners are potential power guzzlers, so it is important to read energy labels. A high tick rating indicates a more energy efficient model, which can translate to lower electrical bills. Also consider a model with inverter technology— the variable speed at which the compressor operates helps save energy and cost. Such models also tend to operate more quietly.

Save energy, money, and the environment!

Bells and whistles
Basics aside, some brands offer buyers extra frills. Some tout to have the most silent models, or those with air vents that swing in multi directions to better distribute the cool air around the room. Prices can also vary between retailers, with some throwing in freebies like thicker insulation that absorbs condensation better. Thus, once you have zoomed in on a brand or model, do look around for the best deal. You can also consider extended warranty on your air-conditioning system, as repairs and replacement can cost quite a hefty sum.
Happy shopping!
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